*** Version 1.72 Official Release ***


• T4CUpdate (updated webpatch for downloading files and it provides mo
re information).
• Questbook (to view available, in progress and completed quests) - though will be active in time.
• Emoticons (in-game smileys).
• RolePlay Modes (to start or join roleplay events with other players).
• PVP System (a capture the flag pvp system).
• Interaction Points (earned from the RP and PVP systems).
• Automated CC’s for the RP/PVP systems (announcements, etc).
• FX Audio (ambient sounds).
• Listed Storage Chest (with tabs similar to the auction house).
• Modifications to the AH (more stability and ability to sell more items).
• Corrections (server security and stability).

**October 2016**
Server Build Update
• Corrections (server security and stability).

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