*** Version 1.71 Official Release ***


  • [Add] Increase FPS to 32 (remove move kick effect) (16 always avaiable in option)
  • [Add] In windowed mode set the display in 32 bits (no windows resolution or color table chnage)
  • [Add] New Spell Effect
  • [Add] New Monster
  • [Add] New Floor 100% new floor avaiable
  • [Add] New Wall set
  • [Add] supported character on player name -äïëöüéèàùâîêôû
  • [Add] Add UAC message on startup
  • [Add] music, light and ambiant map layer
  • [Add] 3 new worlds now have 8 worlds
  • [Mod] Chnage GM Request to send request with GUI
  • [Mod] New help inside game
  • [Mod] GM Interface optimisation and new options
  • [Mod] Change the savegame file format
  • [Fix] Improve stability
  • [Fix] Many game bugs



  • [Add] random blood effect on character hit
  • [Add] SpellEffect TAKEGOLD, DRAINMANA
  • [Add] Server time synchronization every 15 minutes
  • [Add] New command to make fun effect on client on the 1rst april START1APRIL
  • [Add] Option to reset a player boust and teleported to safe zone
  • [Add] New GM command to help gm management
  • [Add] New Skill
  • [Mod] Change GM request to put in database and keep message on server startup
  • [Mod] Change the console and rebuild t4CShell.exe to work
  • [Mod] Accept character -äïëöüéèàùâîêôû on playername
  • [Fix] Improve stability
  • [Fix] Many game bugs
  • [Fix] Many game leack


  • Optimize map editor and add new feature to generate minimap and GM map in 1 click
  • and many other feature
  • Editor for Client light, music and ambient sound map zone
  • Editor for profession
  • Editor for server event
  • Editor for podding monster on server

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