*** Version 1.40 Official Release ***

  • [FIX] Client no longer crashes when another program is opened while its loading.
  • [FIX] CTRL+UP and CTRL+DOWN now works even when the Chatter interface is not showing up.
  • [FIX] Hitting ENTER when there is no text to send no longers add an empty entry to the history nor try to send the empty message to the server.
  • [NEW] Chest released. Players can now mule items online.
  • [NEW] Servers can now create a custom message that will be displayed to players when they run out of credits.
  • [NEW] Servers can now setup a custom URL which will be opened automatically when players run out of credits.
  • [FIX] Players no longer appears invisible if they are seraph and dont move after login.
  • [FIX] Players should no longer get black screen when connecting to the game.
  • [NEW] Servers can setup custom startup and sanctuary positions to newly created players.
  • [FIX] Group no longers get disbanded when the leader leaves or crash. Instead, the leadership goes along to the next group member in the server’s list.
  • [FIX] Server wont start if the Server-Editor files are missing. This avoid players losing items when server bootups without the files by mistake.
  • [FIX] When equipping/unequipping, the item being dragged should no longer disappear.
  • [NEW] Servers can now configure teleport areas to make steps, caves and other things present on maps usable.
  • [NEW] Servers can now use SetStat Effect on spells.
  • [NEW] Servers can now use SysMsg Effect on spells.
  • [NEW] Boostformulas can now access hour, minutes and seconds (game time)
  • [NEW] Client now remembers last visited servers (not only the last one)
  • [FIX] Screenshot (CTRL+H) fixed and macro’ed back.
  • [FIX] Music was not being play when after a teleport
  • [FIX] Black screen when on full screen and under a menu interface (CTRL+S/L/I/O..) after an ALT-TAB to other application.
  • [FIX] Menu not showing up after an ALT-TAB while loggin in on full screen mode. [FIX] Screenshot (CTRL+H) when in windowed was taking screenshot of the whole desktop.

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