*** Version 1.25a Official Release (08/20/02 — 17:00 EST) ***


  • FIX: The “Wrath of the Ancients” aura spell now remains on your character once you earn it.
  • FIX: The duplicated chests & doors in the Oracle zone should be resolved.
  • FIX: It is no longer possible to enter Nomad’s house door by going through the inexistant blocking.
  • FIX: The client no longer crashes if the player clicks on the unstable gem’s status icon.
  • FIX: The runed stone tablet should now work properly.
  • FIX: A door has been added in Efnisien’s house.
  • FIX: During the rescue of High Priest Gunthar, it was possible to visit a clone in his study room.
  • FIX: A few typos introduced in the Addon quests have been corrected.

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