*** Version 1.20 Official Release (12/19/00 — 11:00 EST) ***

  • FIX: Corrected some typos on various NPCs.
  • FIX: We made some improvements to the grass to reduce the pattern effect it could produce.
  • FIX: Upon dying, Rogue Mages didn’t explode (as they should have). The explosion effect would appear on the player character instead (causing no damage other than psychological).
  • FIX: Music now changes properly around Silversky. Prior to the fix, the outdoors music would play inside the castle.
  • FIX: Macros are now wiped at remort (since some may be linked to spells the character no longer has).
  • FIX: The quests that were blocked on Raven’s Dust have now been unblocked.
  • FIX: If you get an unusual error (class not registered, execution failed, etc.), a popup box appears to remind you to use the SAFE MODE to start the game.
  • FIX: The Gem of Destiny used to vanish after the remort (it didn’t affect gameplay, but it was distressing all the same).

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