*** Version 1.16 Release (07/31/00 — 11:00 EST) ***

  • FIX: Shift-click no longer allows player characters to turn invisible.
  • FIX: Skill descriptions are now available when right-clicking on them in the character sheet menu.
  • FIX: Previously, if someone cast a spell (except for healing spells) on someone else (including monsters or the caster himself) in the same screen as you, it would automatically put you into combat mode against that person. This no longer happens.
  • FIX: Corpses no longer disappear, unless you start lagging.
  • FIX: Antelopes no longer drop (erroneously) rough emeralds. Those items have been removed from the game (for now).
  • FIX: Bows used to benefit from the same STR bonus for damage as warriors; they now have their own set of bonuses (mostly based on AGI, also slightly based on STR).
  • FIX: You now get the correct system messages when you’re missing either the bow or the quiver you need to properly use ranged weapons.
  • FIX: Targetting problems have been resolved.
  • FIX: The spell Minor Combat Sense now affects Archery as well as the Attack skill.
  • FIX: The following items now affect the Archery skill as well as the Attack skill: Crude orcish necklace, Ring of accuracy, Amulet of precision, Ring of confidence, Orcish wristband, & Minotaur clan ring. You must first UNEQUIP them, then re-equip them to benefit from the “new” bonus.
  • FIX: The online context-sensitive help has been updated for the spells that now also affect the Archery skill.
  • FIX: All login box information is now saved immediately upon pressing the connect button.
  • FIX: Item names that are too long (in Buy/Sell boxes) are now clipped; you can see the full name by right-clicking on the name (which will also display the item’s requirements at the same time).
  • FIX: [FRENCH VERSION ONLY] Le graphique pour le carquois pour les flèches en os a été corrigé.
  • FIX: [FRENCH VERSION ONLY] Le mode graphique “haute qualité” fonctionne désormais comme il faut et peut être sélectionné par le joueur.
  • FIX: [FRENCH VERSION ONLY] Changé “Prochain niveau!” pour “Vous avez gagné un niveau!” et “clic double” pour “double clic”.
  • FIX: [FRENCH VERSION ONLY] “Dodge” et “Attack” sont maintenant traduits en français.
  • FYI: Just like melee combat, ranged weapons are affected by the following skills: Armor Piercing, Powerful Blow & Stun Blow.

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