*** Version 1.11 Release (06/06/00 — 11:00 EST) ***

  • FIX: Corrected numerous typos on Raven’s Dust NPCs.
  • FIX: Corrected some visual bugs in the new interface.
  • FIX: Client now loads graphics much faster at the beginning and during the game.
  • FIX: Poison & Poison Arrow effect icon was shown on the caster, not on the target who was taking the damage.
  • FIX: Casting on a creature, then clicking on an NPC caused involuntary casting on the NPC.
  • FIX: You can no longer kill sundials.
  • FIX: Right-clicking on gold (on the ground or in the backpack) now displays the amount of gold pieces.
  • FIX: Portals & sundials can no longer be targeted by attack spells.
  • FIX: Boosted stats are displayed in a different color in the character sheet.
  • FIX: Upon entering the game, the client sometimes (erroneously) displayed “Level Up!”
  • FIX: Lothan is a mage of *water*, not *air*, and now responds accordingly.
  • FIX: Agility now has a direct impact on hitting and dodging in combat. When the Archery skill & ranged weapons are implemented, it will also be key attribute for archers.

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