*** Version 1.04 Release (09/16/99 — 16:00 EDT) ***

  • FIX: Willpower and Luck are both removed from character creation and from the user interface (Ctrl-S).
  • FIX: Willpower & Luck points in excess of 10 (for each attribute) are returned to you as attribute points; you can spend them normally.
  • FIX: Modifications to the Pick Lock, Peek & Rob skills to compensate disappearance of Willpower & Luck. Pick Lock reqs are now Lvl 12/Agi 40. Peek reqs are now Lvl 5/Agi 30. Rob reqs are now Lvl 17/Agi 50.
  • FIX: Trainers Shadow (Lighthaven), Lyria (Arakas) and Baldric Silverknife (Raven’s Dust) have been modified to accomodate the removal of Luck from the game.
  • FIX: Items Ring of Chance, Pendant of Luck and Amulet of Ironwill will become obsolete (they were boosting attributes that no longer exist). For a short period, they will have a full resale value as compensation for their upcoming deletion. If you have such an item, sell it before we destroy it.
  • FIX: Players’ Manual edited to reflect the removal of Willpower and Luck from the game.
  • FIX: Graphical bugs fixed (black squares, wrong/missing graphics, etc.).
  • FIX: Minor blocking corrections done where necessary.
  • FIX: Music zones properly implemented on Raven’s Dust.
  • FIX: Added spells listing in Players’ Manual.
  • FIX: The safe in Silversky castle was moved slightly so it isn’t hidden by the castle’s walls.
  • FIX: Improvement to lag detection features provides additional data: network icon flashes briefly if your ping is bad.
  • FIX: Targetting on brown rat has been slightly adjusted for improved accuracy.
  • FIX: Bank robbery quest fixed.
  • FIX: The price of healing potions wasn’t correctly set. You would have seen a price of 100 on the screen, but 125 gold pieces were actually deducted from your pouch. The correct price listed is now 125 gold pieces.
  • FIX: The resell values for the mana potions and mana elixirs have been slightly increased.
  • FIX: Some lag issues have been resolved.
  • FIX: Fine Steel Scimitar +2 has been fixed.
  • NEW: User-friendly feature gives you the opportunity to send Vircom various info files (*.log, *.GP, operating system, user name, server name etc.) upon entering the game if a crash or problem occured during your last game session.

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